India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

While questioning several strategies this time from the England captain, we had discussed yesterday that how Kohli led the game drift and removed England well. 

The routes which come back in favor of Andronic Jennings, which you remember that we have some time, such a doctor noticed that ESPN CricInfo matches the time of this tee that studio Monty Panesar in London with Eddie Tiger Card and We will also be linked to deputy editor Nagraj Villopot outside the oval, I will talk in a few moments after a while and in the last over of it three times Neither do we need to take wickets after bowling three out of three times, but again in that session have things been neutralized or are we obviously clear India but an opportunity will be more if they are one Lead or 400, which tells you about the possibility of an increase of 70 75 runs, but Jared beautifully thinks that this is the capability that this capability is for India Turning your career into a turning point, especially when they travel, because if they can get spoiled, as well as they can also strengthen, then peace comes and everything tries to get angry or everything Tries to hit, not the slogan can be very harsh because he is fair but the batsman tries to hit the ball, this time he took his time and actually changed the gear.

India Vs England 5th Odi 

India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

 At that time, nine times could have been slow or eight, we could do it down and he used to say so, that is the reason I could connect. I mean Anderson of the new ball tells you six straight six of you. You need to know so much about the ability to bat, so hopefully I was really good because England made England easy to life, the only thing I know is I think that all the bowlers have been in some stage or elsewhere where you probably do not see the game, when you are on the field, maybe we can see from you that the new ball is sometimes understood in the last one. It does not come that the bowlers normally do not want to bowl the ball, at the same time the pitch is quite flat when the ball was not bowing because my new ball has not changed much, That is, once if its wings were a little over but there was a substantial size, I thought they would have just stuck to you, know the length of civil lines and major Asia, if you are above the top or your head or woman Or you have slipped into the line, so it may happen but there was a lot of effort to stop it from scoring, which was a bit short, once the length of the pitch decreases So you can see how easy it is for the batsmen to have time to infiltrate on the square of the wicket and stop taking nothing from that thing, I think that he is open to me and he has seen That Jacob is doing a little bit of Christianity but Monty is just watching what end with J. 

Adeje and Poonch you believe that England had left India or that Jerry was the only one who It was training, I think that Georgia had worked hard in the first session, so she allowed her to pray independently, she really did assess the pace of the wicket and you know that in that first season that long There was a period where he had really worked hard and I think he allowed him to play independently in the second season, so I will give you Ravinder Jadeja Rey knows, it's not really enough as often such an innings is played away from India, but I think he is starting to learn how to do this so that he can really put India in a good position. But England is still ahead 60 and I think that every dog ​​in India and England will not be there in the international cricket any time you have to put a century in your innings of defeat Agree with these things, I mean that I think that if you talk about it during this series, then this is one thing in England's attack.

If there is no shortage then you are a little faster. Every time and after that a player spell is bold with an additional zip, but still does not try any of the stuff at constant speed, not just sticking to the planning at all times Especially when the pitch is very flat on the most side, you know that this is usually a big deal about the captains and how the game is flowing, it is almost the capital which now comes to exclude fewer mistakes. 

You have written an important piece on Virat Kohli and his strategy, but we are also seeing that the routes just get out of the boil switch, sometimes it is expected that the wicket is just your observation this angel Throw through Rsha Capitals blame game blows on different times, but I think that you have to keep the pitch in mind, it is very slow that the ball has become different and as soon as Ajit was saying that it felt The bowlers have not hit the right lens and they do not mean that if you have a boy like Anderson and do not have to give Jadeja width and kind of natural powers and adhesive people There is no need to really do anything to fall, cut short, etc. and to settle the captaincy, you can set up the attacking areas and hope that they will have to face four runs which are not so Would have been if I meant that if you allow me to speak, there is little talk about Jadeja and Wahari, who have not yet been mentioned that they are actually Before the meal, the partnership was so critical in the morning that they did not score easily, but at the same time they first 20- 30 minutes in the new Volvo nose and not in the first spell, not really the new ball board, I really understand And in that twenty minutes Rod or some where he was beaten, but they were trapped there, they stayed there and then they made room to make it slowly; They know that It will be a single, you see the run rate, I think it was like 2.5 or 2.6, but it does not matter that they were playing all the time and once they settled down and I mean we have bad luck here To give credit to Wahari that he had gone out during the midday meal, he was actually looking forward to score a big score and Juda took over that he understood that he had to charge now and He lost his shot, he started a little slogging, but then he knew that he needs to score quickly and reduce the leadership and what he did, I mean that he is the best word about which he Is generated, about which you are most responsible that you have seen the revenue today, you do not have the best difference to see it in any cricket, we have not seen it It seems like for a while that he has batted for a long time or some, yes,

India vs England, 5th Test: Cook

India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight

 I mean but if I am wrong in the last match then I think it was in the last year that I made a half century in Sri Lanka, He has that capability and this is a situation for him, so the pitch was not very fast as I said that the ball is given to organizing that kind of room and then that place She is the one whom she loves to play with the tail and to actually play with her, in fact, she can really do good with it because she actually gets confidence in any way, it is just that she is above the girl Was it when he was 86 years or if some slow things down against Maine and put doubt, I am not sure that this was because he was approaching the century, his first test score was his It was the first century or whatever it fell like that and in that way England got an opportunity and then and that run out was actually his call and he should have had Yes, it would be nice to remember this innings as the series lost You have forgotten these fifth and final tests, but if you are making this issue of a spin bowling all-rounder to play overseas and Ashwin has tested hundreds It is believed that the optics suggest that better batsmen should remember such an innings. 

I mean that Jadeja is the best player to play as a spinner in Australia. Yes, I mean, I believe That is, after this test, Nigel seriously, I mean in the past, I always believe that Ashwin should start his series for the first time in my opinion a better Skipper Jadeja needs a bit more pitch than Ashwin, but after this performance in this test, I am confident that the team management will seriously think that it is far more than runs, it is only the attitude that He has shown his batting and he has got four wickets in the first innings and hopefully he will play a big role. 

The second innings because you and the game will have to come back seriously, but I am sure this will be the next round of talks in India, I know that they have some tests in India now but when they travel to Australia, I Sure the conversation will be a part of the conversation when the first empty test comes around yes, we have halfway through this test match, how the speech is going to move forward What can we expect from this third shift? After this small break, at the time of our tea, at Sean ESPNcricinfo Matte, we will test Monty along with Nagas, so you will be able to wafer fifty-five European nations with promotions and relegation While competing in the league, they offer a thrilling encounter between equal opponents, every game UEFA Nation League France Netherlands ASP today In the men's final of the US Open on N2, Juan Martin del Potro ties on Novak Djokovic sets the stage for a stunning conclusion for the stunning 2018 Grand Slam M. ESPN on ESPN on Sunday, ESPN on Final Dell In the end of the three days playing in the England India series as the best player on the ESPN cricket, Petro Djokovic The third place in the node reached the last session of the game and twenty is going to talk about Georgia without any loss, and we hope the effect is that he will now want to be with the ball in small evidence that we have not only been in the gear-puller bowl But when Ali was finally boring, you believed how he could now see a pitch. I think on two balls I mean that off the roster with the off-stump Iklte me that Monty would be a good guy to talk about it. 

I'm not a big fan of the 6-3 field. Think with two left elephants, maybe you can start driving them through the cover and you can still close on your two cat bat. I do not think that these two batsmen have actually shown any intention of bacteria in batsmen if they show you that they are still in the spot but you have to bowl for the lines, either to stick or stick to the outside and pad I mean we saw that if you were Jerry John for Monty in the first innings, then now you have two left handers, you have seen a couple from outside but they are ' Like I have set up the edge of the huge lake, he is trying to get out of the face instead of trying to catch the batsman and you will tell it to your captain what will you do if you want the captain If you were the captain, then you want to tell George how to bowl well, I will ask Jada to take a little bit of attack, two off the off stump The left hand carts the carriage in the cover or either he has the option of keeping a cover fielder there or actually bringing that point if he thinks he does not have much confidence in that area because sometimes Because they have bowled a little bit or they lose their shape because they just feel there is not a cover fielder in the slightest pressure without pressure, So I saw that you know outside the outside and can attack somebody with a new board to attack him, he can get something to spin and do not want to skid with it. 

A leather hitting hit so that you can attack both sides of the edges and I think they will combine a little for him and then he can set that you hold that foot slip. For the short leg, the ball little striker takes the head of the batsman up from the off-stump line, so any bowl does a little bit of striker, his eyes are not behind the ball, his head is a bit late It can not take the line to tip it right as it should, and suddenly you know that you are crossing the line a little bit and she can tell you that the long legs slip and the little The foot is brought in to play, it feels like a radius, does not make any difference to the security of the bowler and then Nagraj will come back to Barrett Cole. Y's strategies go on and what can he improve on Ajit Singh, He is not a fan of the 6-3 field generator, which is bending for flowing on the patch, often what is the line you want to see it, now we feel that it will affect the roof, I do not know what line he should bowl but today I had said to myself that what he used to say was ready for this kind of field because the plan was that he wanted to cut it on runs but here he has It's luxury that the lead is not so big that they have to attack, but what the team management is thinking, we will not be able to know by the end of the day, but yes, The play because defensive India will hope that they have a little edge now, even if there is a slight lead in England, thank you for thanking you from outside Oval for your thoughts, we will get them because this test match will be done by the Deputy Editor of ESPNcricinfo Navratri comes with Calabria, in India, with proper appetite, you feel that I do not think that if they meet some waiters they are happy. If England pleased 64 runs, they would be happy, but at this time, you know at least this thing, the test brought metal or clothes or that Jew's turn, otherwise perhaps this time it will be around 150 heads and India will do whatever I am trying to defend as much as possible, yes, I mean that the best way to stop runs is not understood by it. 

For the first time, I understand that it is very difficult for the spinner. But it is not that you are threatening Matthew Hayden or Adam Gilchrist, when you try and kill every ball, these people take their time so that you 'take them out that you are the best way to run the p It means that in particular now I have seen some balls, Bob, fucking what you want is to get a wicket and I will have enough doubts to follow the rest of the batsmen I mean In what point in this innings, Monty we expect of India's hit - because this state chain has ended, they are probably thinking of flying at 60th place and in this session the first 20 to 30 minutes grow Can we also have another interesting game, can England get 120 runs or more comfort and it can be for just two days for India, okay, I think Indian Indian seam ball Shajas and Jadeja too can not come in that net where they did and the first session on the second day where they are already desperate to get wickets, they can not get wickets in half an hour or an hour in the first half or they They can come in but whenever they do, they are India, it is very good in the form of Indian team, pressurizing new batsman Comin and they are going to get a lot of pressure to put pressure on the new batsman. 

Are really good and in fact are causing great doubts in the dressing room of England and suddenly you will see a big downfall, so they do not have to go and chase the wicket, they have to go back to bowl what they did in the first day It was a good line, and Lance kept protecting its rhythm and continued bowling, you know the good balls for a long time and after all, You will get a car and if they start searching, you can see four wickets that you suddenly see a little bit straight in a bowl or you give a little ball, you know if you bowl, then you can repeat You know like the right balls and then suddenly you will know that it has changed with you the way at least they attack, and when they come next batsmen, then they If you get it then they already get a good rhythm of the overs behind you and suddenly you see that fall and I think that if I was a lot, then I think I will say to the bowlers and Jadeja Let's just bowl your best ball, do not worry about the wicket, and when they do so, in this test match you have seen that there is a collapse for both of them. 

In the two innings that have been bowled with good innings and baseball after m after bowling without a good start, without any doubt, I think their length is still following their finishing overs And by killing them, you know the full length, so the tour is more confusing than what is on the boom, probably the best of the Brazilian boom Brad is it. There is no real change in his action with anyone, I have to start with him and thank mainly thanks Ajit thank you very much, Monty has received his views on the stump, in the last two days, 11 wickets in the last session fell Let's see if we get some excitement for the ESPN CricInfo match and chat at the end of the day's game at Michael Edison. 



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LifeStory: SEO, SEM, blogging, Tip's, Latest, Review: India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight
India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight
India vs England, 5th Test Day 3 Highlight
LifeStory: SEO, SEM, blogging, Tip's, Latest, Review
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