Crowd mechanism: killing a young man's money in Bihar

Crowd mechanism killing a young man's money in Bihar

The incidents of crowded mechanisms in the country are not taking place. Now a similar case has emerged from Sitamarhi district of Bihar. In Ramnagara village under Riga police station, the crowd beat up a person for allegedly snatching money. Actually a cab driver accused the person that the victim had snatched his money. After this the crowd, without questioning, killed him.
On the matter, Deputy Superintendent of Police Kumar Vir Dhirendra said on Monday that the victim's name was Rupesh Jha (22). On Sunday, the villagers beat them to death. He was a resident of Singrahiya village. This village belongs to the Sahyara police station. When he came to know about the incident, he was taken to Sadar Hospital. From where he was referred to Patna Medical College and Hospital. Where he later died. It is being told that a crowd of 200 people beat him with ropes, rams and sticks.

He further said that the matter is being investigated now. The real reason behind the death will be revealed only after the investigation. Only in the primary investigation is it known that Jha snatched a pickup van driver's money and tried to run away from the motorcycle. After which the van driver lutera lootera shouted. The crowd of villagers gathered there and listening to her voice started joking with Jha. While the victim's family said that the reason for killing him was not to snatch money but to overtake the vehicle.

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