Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory

Donald Trump, Breaking News Today by #LifeStory,donald trump,politics,president trump, donald trump,politics,president trump,

Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory 
Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory

for a very specific reason please welcome the person that we have such respect for he's now leading in the polls but I don't want to say that I want to say he's just a little bit like 1 or 2 points behind does that okay Matt for me to say that but he is somebody who is going to be a phenomenal United States senator from Montana Matt Rosendale Matt come on come on up Matt come on up Matt welcome back to Montana mr. president as we get a break in the president speaking we go back to John Solomon Sarah Carter Gregg Jarrett Gregg even also following John's breaking news story today on top of sours news and on top of it seems like the unredacted materials that everybody's been requesting at the president FISA warrants and 302s and other issues that could be exculpatory even people like Papadopoulos and Paige this all may be coming out either tomorrow within days talk about John's report and the unredacted n't later literally freeing this information that Congress has been seeking forever well Congress deserves this information they're legally entitled to it it's under subpoena and the Department of Justice and the FBI have been obstructing justice and obstructing Congress and the president can put a stop to it with a wave of his pen four different sets of documents and I'm told they will not only be exculpatory of the President himself but they will be explosive in the level of corruption that the FBI and the Department of Justice engaged in that they used false intelligence knowingly to target and frame Donald Trump to launch this dilating investigation of him and to spy on the Trump campaign through a fiesty wiretap warrant so the American people deserve to get to the bottom of this and the only way is sunshine is the best disinfectant let me go back let Americans read these documents then John your breaking news report this is a profound piece and you know I could pull it out here and you go to the headline of your piece wars efforts to secretly reshape the Trump probe started in early 16 now we know that Orrin steal our clothes right steel as funneling information as I was at pointing out to Sarah to answer why Smith yeah so Hillary Clinton's Russian paid for lies make it all the way into Muller Special Counsel office but more importantly Bruce or is the conduit 70 contacts plus would steal meetings tax written messages and who does he bring to the meeting the meeting gonna talk about whether it launches him towards ya he brings his wife the conflict of interest is sitting at the table ISA page and lisa page commentator struck and and had Andrew McCabe yep and they're all Trump Weisman anyways okay so now the question is this is this the insurance policy exposed I think it is and here's what I here's the theory that I've been hearing from people who really know about this they started the investigation of Papadopoulos they got some exculpatory information that Papadopoulos wasn't what they thought it was they should have shut it down then steel walks in the door and allows them to keep it open without them getting in trouble that's gonna be what we learned I think when these documents get unsealed and I think everything Greg and Sarah have reported the last two years they're all gonna be corroborated by those document I know that I and I - by the way we've been out on a little bit of a limb with all of you so it's the team's activity but let me go to Sarah the other big news the news doesn't focus on at all because they're not news they're fake news the grand jury we now know a grand jury's convened and that witnesses are appearing before the grand jury this is about mccabe but i believe it's also going to be about sally eh Jim call me and rot Rosenstein because they all sign the phony FISA warrant the Russian lies they with with Grandal missions that they never verified Sarah this is Rosenstein spice' and I say this over and over again because he signed the fourth vice' warrant the fourth part of that warrant was the renewal the last renewal on Carter page so Sharon he had all the information of the previous spices at his beck and call and he can't make up any excuses he put his signature on that he can't say well I let someone else read it no it was your job this is about a presidential campaign this is an investigation into the President of the United States Rod Rosenstein it is your job to ensure that that FISA was solid that that FISA abided by the law and now what we know wait a minute if the grand jury is convened and witnesses are being heard and has sat in the last by so when we had all the information for sure that it was the bulk of information that phoney steel Clinton paid for dossier if I'm not Rosen Stein scared to death tonight oh I would be scared to death too and what we have to look at is you know with John's story I think this is so important we got to go to the big picture Shawn because if you step back the FBI is investigating Trump because apparently they believed that there was some kind of collusion with the Russians but the FBI had no problem putting Russian lies into a FISA warrant to spy on an American citizen so back to the collusion the collusion does not appear to be anywhere near President Trump it appears to be directly residuals at the FBI real quick John well what does that mean for rod James Andrew and Sally here's a great question Bruce or worked directly under God Rosa's team when he signed that fourth wing but Bruce or says I knew it was hearsay how could rod Rosenstein admissible yeah miscible in hearsay uncorroborated rod Rosenstein should he have the ability to sign Phi says going forward that's a great question we should ask the Justice impossible he doesn't we don't know we have to ask that question that's a question I've had pending for a couple days at the Justice Department all right back to President Trump and we'll continue with John Sarah and Greg straight ahead by the way you obstruct these justices you know lose your Second Amendment you're gonna lose your right to those guns you're gonna lose your Second Amendment so be careful be careful be careful and don't forget testers going to vote with the waters and the Pelosi can you imagine Maxine Waters is your new leader in the party can you believe it Maxine Waters she is something but he's gonna vote for Schumer they're gonna do whatever they say they stick it I will say this I will say this one thing their policies are horrible they're for open borders meaning let all the crime come in they're against so many things that you want you know I've been saying and I've been saying it strongly they're gonna take away they're gonna hurt your Social Security so badly and they're killing you on Medicare just remember that I'm going to protect your Social Security we're going to take care of your Social Security mat Rosendale is going to make sure we're not touching your Social Security and your Medicare is only going one way that's stronger they're going to end up taking it away from you and you won't even know what happened and on top of that you're gonna pay more tax it's crazy Jon Tester will never drain the swamp because he happens to live in this swamp and he loves this swamp Jon Tester I feel a little guilty because you know he did run the most beautiful commercial I heard yesterday it started and he's like my best friend president Trump as president Trump that it's amazing when you win a state by a lot of points how even Democrats can like you isn't that crazy but the problem is he's never gonna vote for me he's not gonna vote but he's taken more cash from lobbyists than almost anyone in the entire Senate he's controlled by his donors one of the saddest things that I've seen is when John tester and what he did to a great great man Admiral Ronnie Jackson Admiral Jackson was subjected to horrible lies and smears now I'm you know a victim of that too but I'm sort of getting used to it at least it's my job you know he's gonna say I'm a politician I never thought I was going to say I'm a politician can you believe I'm I guess I'm a politician you know I guess I'm a politician think of it I didn't want to say that one of the few times I've said it yeah I'm a politician but you know I've only run once and that was for president and I won how did that happen right with geminis I won once a lot of people have spent their lives trying to be President we know them all some we respect and some we don't respect too much but Ronnie Jackson he's a doctor he's an admiral he's actually the doctor that gave me my physical and he said that I'm in great shape and the Democrats and liberals and deep state they were very upset to hear that so they got tougher and tougher and they lied more and they write more books now I never saw I have books this backed up this I actually the ones that are really good are number one two and three on the best sellers list right the ones the really good ones by justice you know I call it justice but she's judged but she's justice to me Jeanine we love her Judge City by Gregg Jarrett how about bungee no he's got a very successful book how about bond Gina so many and they're all doing great and that's what makes me happy but the media doesn't talk about those books that we talk about the bad ones of which there are plenty there lies but they're bloody but Admiral Jackson his reputation was attacked and all of those horrible things that were said about him turned out to be lies and they turned out to be false remember people don't want to say that in the last election Washington Democrats put Jon Tester in charge of electing extreme liberals I mean I'm talking about serious liberals many of whom you're watching attacking judge Cavanaugh and looking like fools frankly looking like fools and one of them will most likely be a candidate to run against your favorite of all time president but when I see the anger in their eyes when I see the anger of what they say to an intellect far greater than there's not even a contest but I see the anger and the hatred what's what are they doing what are they doing they're losing by doing it they're losing by doing it I just want to finish off what Esther did to Admiral Jackson should never ever be allowed Ronny Jackson is a great man Ronny Jackson has led a great and beautiful life and to have lies told about him I would never repeat what they are see in my case they repeat him I said don't repeat them they're terrible they say don't we're gonna deny on do we love Sean Hannity by the way I love but is the only thing he puts up all these losers that say horrible things I've got to talk to him one afternoon Donald Trump he's lost sit up here you know it's pretty tough I stand up here giving speeches for an hour and a half many times without notes and then they say he's lost it and yet we have 25,000 people showing up to speeches and and by the way look at all the fake dudes back there Donald Trump like a Donald Trump you know it's really funny Donald Trump's listen so I beat 17 great Republicans I mean senators I beat governor's couple of people great people like Ben Carson I beat a lot of great beat Ben Carson was tough but I beat 17 great people and I respectfully say I beat the bush dynasty okay pretty recently okay now I have the privilege of going against crooked Hillary Clinton so IB IB crooked Hillary I beat crooked hello and the Electoral College is hard it's frankly if we didn't know better and maybe we're starting to find things out that we didn't know it's hard and harder to win then popular of a popular vote you go two three four states and boom boom boom you win the plates like the hundred-yard dash versus running the mile you practice differently she forgot that she forgot to go to a couple of very important sites gee I don't think I'm gonna go to Michigan too much I don't think I'm gonna go she said to Wisconsin I do here her husband said you know you better go to Michigan you better start going to Wisconsin well fortunately she didn't listen to that but but think of it so I beat the Republicans governor Sanders I beat the bush dynasty respectfully I beat Hillary who stole it from Bernie Bernie shoulda won but that's okay they sold super-delegates how do you like super-delegates but she's got super-delegates that were handed to it Bernie should be angry why isn't he angry crazy Bernie he is so crazy but you know what I saw him the other day on television and he's ranting and raving he's sitting behind a mic alone I'm gonna do this I'm gonna bom-bom-bom the hairs flying he's going crazy he's going crazy and I said to my wife honey look at that guy you gotta hand it to him now you gotta hand it to him he doesn't quit he doesn't give up I just don't understand why he allowed that to happen and he goes back into being and independent but now he's coming back in and I guess he's gonna run he's gonna run but think of it so you beat two dynasties you beat all these politicians Charles Krauthammer when I announced that I was going to run he said why would he run this is the final way to know myself I'm not insulting he said this is the finest field of Republicans ever assembled I actually did I looked at my wife I said you know that's his business he just said these are the finest ever assembled why am I doing this and then I said that it's okay I'll do it anyway let's see what happens what's you want so I beat all these senators all these governors all these brilliant political minds then I beat the other side and then I listen is he competent I think I'm pretty confident right is he competent and their ratings are down the tubes you know why because people get it they really get it but it is funny to hear that you have all these victories and you know what more important than those victories we're winning in the United States now we're winning on trade we're winning with our military we're knocking the hell out of the terrorists we're winning now in the United States you look at what's going on we have new deals being made we have a deal we just made with Mexico that's a fair deal it's not that horrendous deal that was made years ago that should have been changed years ago we're negotiating with Canada we'll see what happens we're a little bit of a skirmish but doing really well with China you see what's going on really well I have great respect for President Xi of China but honestly we have to be treated fairly last year we had a trade deficit of anywhere from 375 billion with the BEA dollars to I say five hundred and four billion dollars either one is not acceptable so we're doing that and it's working out very well I just came on stage and I was told that kim jeong-hoon said some terrific things about me he said I have faith in president Trump think of this you don't hear that from and just moments ago they put on they put on that he said very strongly that we wanted Dean nuclearized North Korea during president Trump's tenure that's a nice just said it just said but in the meantime even if he didn't even if he didn't we got our hostages back there's been no more missile testing there's been no more rockets flying over Japan there's been no more nuclear testing and we have a good feeling he likes me I like him who knows what's gonna happen but I can tell you why the day before I took office and even I must say because as you know the rhetoric was fairly tough it's interesting with him I had very tough rhetoric and the fake news was saying it's too tough he's going to get us into the war it's terrible he's being too tough it's horrible what does he know about this he knows nothing I watched all these guys who have been losing for 30 years explaining why my method of negotiation wasn't working right and I'll tell you what I respect him he respects me and I think something's going to happen take your time I say we take your time sanctions Iran but think of it we got back our hostages I didn't pay 1.8 billion dollars we got back our hostage hey nothing we paid nothing but it's funny you know because other than NATO because they got them to pay billions and billions of dollars more because we're paying for NATO we're paying this massive percentage of cause we're protecting Europe but I got them to pay billions of dollars more and the fake dude said he wasn't respectful to the leaders of other countries and they're right in a way cuz I said listen folks I'm sorry you gonna have to pay up you gotta pay your delinquent you know in real estate we say you're delinquent and somebody asks me it's really amazing they never covered this because if they do they would have said this is terrible one of the leaders in front of the others 28 nations one of the leaders so I get along with all fellow they respect us now because they couldn't believe four years nato spending was going like this and by the way this is spending to protect them against russia you know they keep talking about russia we're protecting i got them to pay billions of dollars more okay but they said sir could we ask you one question it's always nice when a president or prime minister calls you sir that means he's a certain respect he said if you don't walk away from these meetings with us paying what we're supposed to be paying or much more will you leave us I said yes I will and they all said and they all said we'll pay we'll pay now the

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 Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory



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LifeStory: SEO, SEM, blogging, Tip's, Latest, Review: Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory
Donald Trump Breaking News Today by #LifeStory
Donald Trump, Breaking News Today by #LifeStory,donald trump,politics,president trump, donald trump,politics,president trump,
LifeStory: SEO, SEM, blogging, Tip's, Latest, Review
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