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Monday, 10 September 2018

India: New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs rumours

India: New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs rumours

India New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs rumours

India: It's all right when I came to know about the new iPhone release. Everyone with me goes crazy about the iPhone. Whenever a new release appears to be dedicated to Apple users, it does not make any difference with them. India: Well, guess that we are only moments away from a new iPhone fad for the holidays. With the highest prices, Apple has released the iPhone for every new capacity L-shaped battery, which will give us more battery life, this is the top 10 iPhone Xs leaks and rumors and some of these leaks are self-apple. Idiot apple The big announcement for the new iPhone will be on Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, so look for it. Rebecca: Well starting from our list, at number 10, let's look ... and probably more specifically, talk about the curve. So as is traditional, we are hoping to see an iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus. Some people are saying that Plus can now be re-branded in MAX ... so it will be iPhone X Max. A picture leaked by CpnceptsiPhone. The smaller model is estimated to be 5.8 inches and the larger version is considered to be set to plus, 6.6 inches. We are also looking forward to the new color options, gold and rose have been added to sleep as well as red and blue rosta. What color would you go for? And yes, we are expecting a slightly curved screen .... That's going to be pretty mega. The idea is that the images seem to jump out of the phone. For all those people who think of the forgotten iPhone 8, it seems that we can also see a cheap model, the iPhone 8S or the iPhone SE2 launch. India: Moving to number 9 allows you to talk about more approximate screen fingerprint sensors. It has been really promoted that the new iPhone may have the ability to unlock your finger print by screen. Currently, remember the iPhone 8 in the iPhone 8, they have removed the lock button and finger print id feature. To unlock your phone, they have face IDs in which some people think that it was too slow to do, you can just punch in the password. With iPhone 7 everyone has the ability to unlock their phones with finger IDs because it appears to be the safest and fastest way to whip up your phone and, as soon as possible, capture a moment. I know that I did not buy the current iPhone 8 because I did not like that the screen is not completely useless and I did not see any major upgrade to spend money for it, but for the iPhone Xs I would definitely like apple I want to pay my money because I do not want to go back very much in the iPhone generations, and I have heard that the apple slow down the old phone. 
India New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs rumours

I am pretty sure that the rumor is true. Rebecca: Number 8 wireless charging can be improved. So at the end of August, Morphy announced the launch of four new wireless charging products designed for the iPhone, due to which many speculation that the iPhone is getting better on wireless charging boards. The new product of Morphy adds a vehicle mount and charges 7.5 times faster, making it faster charging speeds by using new cooper technology in charging stations to make people guess iPhone Xs. IPhone X Max will have a bigger battery, which is great for those who love a good nut on the phone, Or who loves it a lot all day. People are expecting that a battery case can be done ... but till the press conference we are not sure whether they will get it or not. We have some news about charging and talking about cable connections that you do not want to miss, so watch it! India: No. 7. In fact, the rumor is actually the date when the pre-order is expected to start and whenever iPhones will be available. Clearly the pre-order for the phone will start on Friday 14th, which is 2 days after the massive Apple announcement. If you pre-order the phone, then you can guarantee that you get your phone during the first batch of the iPhone release. The apple always comes out quickly, which means that you will have to wait till you get the shipment. If you want to guarantee that what color you want and what size you want when the phone becomes available, then you will want to consider pre-ordering them. I know plus size versions that there is a lot of demand and some of them initially release less apples. The release date for the iPhone Xs should be on September 24, which is Monday. I hope this date will not be pushed back because I really want a new phone My phone does not ring anymore. Come on, just say that I have learned hard work that my iPhone is not water proof. It's just water resistant. India: It is well known that the iPhone X6 number is going to be proof of water or not. The current iPhone has an IP 67 rating which means that its water proof is not just water resistant. The first number in IP 67 therefore, 6 means protection against solid objects and the second number is protection against fluid. The highest IP rating you can currently go to is IP 6 9. So the question to come back to this phone is that this new phone will improve on its water resistance. The answer is probably not. Apple is not rumored to take next big step and to become IP 68's IP rating, which means that your phone can be submerged with a large amount of water under water so that you can go deeper. Currently the phone can go up to about 1 meter in water but for a certain time. Rebecca: Number 5 - With the Apple iPhone purchase, 

you can stop using the 3.5-light adapter. The rumor is that the apple is going to dump its adapter - they are also adding adapter to every phone since the iPhone 7 - these are particularly useful for those people who have their applets in addition to apple headphones Want to use headphones. I have a stereo at home that only uses headphone jack to connect to a device, which has found many people frustrating about the new iPhone. You can buy them mostly in the phone store and they will set you back around ten rupees, but it seems that the apple is fighting the old headphone jack. Also, the rumor is that Apple is swapping its light ports for USB-C ports ... though it seems impossible. India: Number 4. Apple is giving a big push toward the iPhone display. Then the CPU chip will get the upgrade. Currently the apple CPU is using the A11 chip, but rumors are that they will use a fast A12 CPU chip. Instead of currently 3 GHz RAM it will have 4 GHz RAM. Single-core and multi-core processors will perform very fast. 2 OLDD iPhones are coming up, which will offer a new 4GB RAM while the lower-LCD model will have 3 GB of RAM. All new model phones will have fast LTE speed and a travel camera system. Rebecca: Number 3 "camera" can have 3 lens systems. Sources say that three cameras are on their way and if this year's iPhone is not included in Xs and XS Max, it will definitely be in 2019 iPhone. Why do you need three cameras for this, though ... one in front, backwards ... and mistake ...? There has been a great rumor since June, and many people are saying that in reality, three cameras will mention a third lens behind, as well as a continuous front face option. Huawei already has three on its P2O supporter, so maybe Apple is trying to compete? The third camera is thought to benefit from a better zoom. It is also thought that it will help in portrait mode shots and will present a monochrome lens to add further detail! You know what I would prefer ... a better front camera ... I snap dresses for my D pop and Instagram and movie videos for YouTube on the front asshole, I know India also , And honestly they can be better! India: Now we can have ground-breaking technology at number 2 and the biggest change in apples can be possible. We are talking about batteries There are rumors that this apple will use an L-shaped design for a battery that makes long battery life. So a 5.8-inch iPhone XS version will have a little bit of life in comparison to the current iPhone X phone, but the 6.5-inch iPhone XS phone has more space in the larger version so that Apple can use more battery Could give This can give us 25 percent more battery capacity. Battery life for me is the most important feature on my phone because you can do with a dead phone. And I always wander with electricity banks, and those iPhones are kept with the back battery. It works but its heavy and heavy. Rebecca: Number 1 - Okay, look ... when it comes to announcement of a new iPhone, there really is only one question on people's lips .... And this is how much it is going to spend. iPhones are always expensive. India's mention at the beginning of the video may be the most expensive iPhone so far, but he also told that he is looking for more affordable options. IPhone 8 SE, for example, can be an LCD screen and can be cheaper. There are reports that suggest that SE can be cheaper as $ 699 ... and yes, I am ever suggesting that there is any way economical. If you want XS, however, the cost of small phones can be from $ 900 to $ 1000, the price of X Max is $ 1,199. Definitely increase in prices as the storage increases. Phones are very expensive! One thing to mention - Apple is planning on shipping less than 20 percent of the new product compared to the previous iPhone model, which means that you may have to be one of the people standing in line to get your hands! Will supply be higher than supply - and does it mean that Apple will use it as a trick to increase prices,

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