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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Melting magical fish, scientists find 7,000 meters below sea

Melting magical fish, scientists find 7,000 meters below sea
Scientists have found success in finding such a magical fish that melts as soon as it comes to water surface. This mysterious species of fish was found in the Pacific Ocean about eight km below. Scientists have found three species of Snellfish still unknown.
The specialty of these new species is that if they are brought to the surface of the water, they will start melting. These fish are made from very thin and jelly-like structures. Their color is also odd to see. These fishes were found during an adventurous journey in the Atacama Trough.

They were found in the foothills of the ocean, 160 km away from the coast of Peru and Chile. The funny thing is that scientists have been able to take photographs of these fish floating below seven thousand meters below the help of the camera.

After this, the scientists made a successful effort to catch the fish known as Snellfish. These fish living in cold water under the sea start melting like ice cream when they come to the surface. Although they are very active in the foothills of the sea. Seeing them also makes it clear that they do not have to undergo food crisis.

Able to withstand heavy pressures

Melting magical fish, scientists find 7,000 meters below sea

The very fragile-looking Snellfish, at first sight, is capable of carrying heavy water pressure easily. It is possible to bear such load due to their jellyfish structure. The strongest bone of these fish is in their ears and teeth. With the help of the ear, these fish have the amazing ability to balance. In the absence of heavy pressure and freezing (such as - surface of the ocean) these fishes start melting automatically.

A fish was trapped before the help of a trapped HD camera. After this many fishes trapped themselves in the trap. Although these rare fishes have been completely protected. It took about four hours for the camera system to drown completely in the sea and reach the fish. After this, it took 12-14 hours for the lander to come out with the fish. In fact, the catch of fish in the sea began when scientists indicated that the lander was present there to do so.
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