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Monday, 17 September 2018

Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes || Happy Birthday Modi

Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes
Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes

5 poems written on the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

 'Burned, Burned' The most popular and popular people of our era can be better than the poems written by them to understand Prime Minister Modi. And to read these poems can be a better day than their birthday. New Delhi: Poems come out of the depths of the mind and touch the depths of the mind. In such a way, 

narendra modi birthday celebration

one of the most popular and popular people of our time could be better than the poems written by them to understand Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And to read these poems can be a better day than their birthday. Today are the days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday, some of his poems written by him. These poems are originally written in Gujarati Here is his translation of Hindi. Poems of Prime Minister Modi seems mystical. The reason for this is that in the theme of the poem of PM Modi, the rights and reciprocity get together. It takes a moment to read these poems that they have the courage and intentions of doing all the world in the fist,
Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes

Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes

 and the next line of poetry is of the highest ascetic ascetic. They need everything, but they do not have any affection for anything. This is the beauty of his poem. Let's go through the depths of a few selected poems- 

1. 'Burned, Burned' This poem was written by PM Modi for the founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr. Hedgewar and originally published in his book, Jyotipunj. In Jyotipunj, he has written about the dedicated RSS workers about how their life was, and how they left for the organization and the country.

 Between the storms Burnt sometimes Some of the dead were some lamps. There were also some lamps Black from iron Sigh Light So they were in darkness, A lamp on Who were you Burned, Burning-Burning The storm came It is dark Still burn, Burning-Burning Battled with darkness Resolution that was filled in ur Sun burn Just burned, Burning-Burning Which were burnt Which are burnt Which are burning The beam is hoofing Lighting the lights that's why The sun of the constellations has come out Four-dimensional-light-illumination Samaya She Deep Which 
Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes

2. Arrival of spring PM Modi has another poem - the arrival of Vasant In this, he has portrayed life as a changing weather-cycle. The end is in the beginning,
 the end is at the end, Heterogeneous spring and spring. Age of sixteen years, somewhere cuckoo's rhythm, Who is bouncing over the love of Palash? Feel the ranks, but rich within Heterogeneous spring and spring. Whose Marriage Is, Today In Here? Blooming Blessings are given to the saints, Heterogeneous spring and spring. 

3. Kite Prime Minister Modi loves this poem very much. He has also shared it once by tweeting on the occasion of Makar Sankranti- Kite... For me, Morning towards my sun Kite... The glory of my birth and death, My door in my hand Footprint on the Earth, in the sky, Bird's eye My kite ... Between several kites,
 My kite does not get confused, Do not get caught in the branches of trees Kite... As if my Palash Mantra, Rich or Runk, to all, Enjoying cutting kites is a pleasure, Very Unique Pleasure Near cut kites, Experience the sky, Knowledge of wind speed and direction. Once up to the height itself, There is a moment there, There is a direct evidence of this. Kite... I traveled towards the sun, Kite's life is in his door. Adorable (Shiva) of kite is in vyom (sky) Kite's door is in my hand, My door is in the hands of Shivaji. For the life-style kite Shivaji is sitting in the Himalayas. Dreams of kite (life) Higher than human The kite flies, around Shiva ji, Man sitting in life, He is engaged in solving this (Door). 
Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes
Narendra Modi Birthday Wishes || Happy Birthday Modi

4. Sanatan season This poem is derived from PM Modi's poem collection 'Aankh Aaya Chhe'. In this poem collection, he has expressed his views on issues related to his life-and-life changes. I am still surprised Where does it explode from the spring of words In front of injustice My eyesight is high So ever calm river of words Flows peacefully. Between so many words I'll save my privacy And entering the womb of silence Take the pleasure of any eternal weather. 

5. across the photo This poem has also been taken from PM Modi's collection of poems 'Eye-happy cheek'. You me in my picture or poster Do not try hard to find I am sitting in the post of Padmasan In your confidence In your voice and workspace You know me from my work You are not in the image But get the smell of sweat Wait for the expansion of the plan Recognize with the voice of my voice I have a reflection of you in my eyes
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