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Monday, 17 September 2018

The Predator' Increases Competition At The Box Office Los Angeles

'The Predator' Increases Competition At The Box Office Los Angeles

'The Predator' increases competition at the box office Los Angeles 

hunter" is at the top of the food chain in its first weekend in cinemas. 20th Century Fox said on Sunday that the film has earned approximately $ 24 million from over 4,000 North American theaters. But with the $ 88 million production price tag, the 30-year franchisee will seek international receipts to offset the Black-directed installment cost. At the end of this week, he earned $ 30.7 million from 72 foreign markets, making the global total of 54.7 million dollars. Household viewers were largely male (62 percent) and white (45 percent), and by giving the film a C + Cinema Source, which used to reflect the serious reaction. Olivia Mun, starring Stirling's Brown and Boyd Holbrook, created the headlines a few weeks before the opening of 

"The Predator", when the studio cut a scene that had a registered sex offender. It seems that the box office performance of the movie has not affected. Comcoser's senior media analyst Paul Dargrabedian said, "Any conversation increases awareness." "If people are talking about it, then they know about the film." The second place went to "Conjuring" spinoff "The Noon", which added $ 18.2 million in its second weekend. The scary picture is now more than $ 85 million. 

"A simple favor" of Lionsgate closed at number three with $ 16.1 million The director Paul Fege's movie saw Anna Kendrick as a mother blogger who investigated the disappearance of his friend played by Black Lively. Feig has referred to it as a "freer", a fun thriller. Women's films made 67 percent of the audience try to open the concrete. Lionsgate's distribution chief David Spitz said, "It was standing in the market." "It has become an event film. That is why we are more than expected." With B + CinemaScore, an old audience who does not reach cinemas for weekends and positive reviews, the studio hopes that the film will continue to play well in the coming weeks. The fourth and fifth places were neck and neck. According to Sunday's estimates, 

"White Boy Rick" took a little on "Crazy Rich Asian" with $ 8.8 million, which added $ 8.7 million and was ashamed of earning $ 150 million. Based on a true story, "White Boy Rick" and as a father of a teenage FBI informer, starring Matthew McConaughey, opened in 2,504 theaters. Christian film "Anbroken: Path to Redemption" began with $ 2.4 million at number 9. This Laura is based on the novel about Hillenbrand Olympian and experienced World War II veteran Louis Zumperini, and has been picked up where "monotonous" has been left. According to Dargarhadian, September is often a slow time at the box office, which launches some amount of $ 24 million. But year-by-year is still around 9 percent, while the weekend itself was down 5.8 percent from last year when "this" was still scaring the audience and breaking record. According to ComScore, estimated ticket sales in US and Canadian theaters for Friday to Sunday. Where available, latest international numbers are also included for Friday to Sunday. Final domestic figures will be released Monday. 

1. "Hunter," $ 24 million ($ 30.7 million international) 
2. "Noon," $ 18.2 million 
3. "A simple side," $ 16.1 million 
4. "White Boy Rick," $ 8.8 million. 
5. "Crazy Rich Asian," $ 8.7 million. 
6. "Peppermint," $ 6.1 million 7. "Meg", $ 3.8 million 
8. "Search," $ 3.2 million 
9. "Monolithic: To get rid of the path," $ 2.4 million. 
10. "Mission: Impossible - Fall," $ 2.3 million.
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