The satellite monitor Indian Ocean will

The satellite monitor  Indian Ocean will

The satellite monitor  Indian Ocean will 

India and France will work together on the launch of satellite monitoring of the sea. Their number will be between eight and 10. Jean Wes le Gaul, the head of France's space agency CNES, confirmed this. He said that this mission will be completed in less than five years.

 According to agency officials, the ocean monitoring satellites will focus primarily on the Indian Ocean. This is the same area where China is constantly increasing its presence. This will be India's largest space mission with a country.
Gaul said hundreds of maritime communications pass through the Indian Ocean. This area holds strategically important importance for India and France. In this case, the work will be started by implementing suggestions from both the countries of maritime security agencies. He said that France also supported the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in making Mars and Venus mission successful in India. The two countries had issued a shared vision for space programs in March this year. It was said to work with ISRO and France's Space Agency to strengthen mutual cooperation.

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