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Saturday, 8 September 2018

World Cup 2018 Cmerica #LifeStory

World Cup 2018 Cmerica #LifeStory
World Cup 2018 Cmerica #LifeStory

Hello and welcome to the second edition of our World Cup Group stage. This week we are back in the Blizzard Area in Los Angeles M. After seeing this group, two teams will close the page. United States and Canada. B Group B is excluded by Brazil, Switzerland. We are group stages. There will be four If map sets are connected to Team 2-2, then we will play the fifth control map to eliminate a winner. If we have two teams that are with similar records after round robin play, then MAP will be different. That's too little. Well done After a round robin, round robin means that all teams play each other and the top two groups will move to Blizkon. We have already been wrapped up in two teams. Come take a look at what's going on and going home. We have just finished the Overwatch World Cup stage in South Korea. Tell me that you had nuclear electricity here. The fans were scanning. My ears are still ringing. My heart is still pounding. We are in the birthplace of Easter and the fans have been thrown out in full force. One day ended with a band when Group Focus of Two was favorable. This kind of picture did not end because it was all the way to the fifth match. South Korea was imposed on Nepal Going into two days, a strong Russian team was running hard for a Blizzock berth but lost three days south Korea completely. Finland finished the group with the return champion, South Korea apro, together with Group 3, against China 4-0. It's about to do. We will see what qualifications for the next two spots in Los Angeles. They have it. We should potentially play the group played on patch 1.26 and reinst the 1.27. Yes. Which will patch the support as you type it to call. All support changes coming through this next patch. This is going for a big adjustment which is also supported in different types of support. Hero like Ajiera and Y Videomaker Genya got an adjustment. Nano Boost has given it back to the tiger, it was implemented. Now it can be used to save lives of people. It's going to see how it's going on. The first team we are seeing in the team team. They did really well in last year's World Cup, but the world was the best in South Korea. Very few players are coming back from the previous year's class. Walker returning, but then this roster screen young and laugh. Zetcher exiting the container seat. Overwatch League stalled a lot of people of the year. Muna is also part of the lineup Six of seven players from their time in Seven Leader Do not zachari. He was not old enough to play in the overwatch league but he was learning it and anything should be done on our eyes. My name is Zachary Lombardo and my battle tag is Zachary. All sources of right to work are now done. She continues to play in the shot after the shot. I am changing what I am doing. I play DPS and especially the tracer. I have to stop the style of Maps or other teams from a very limited limitation of what we are playing and their tractor style, so I'm fighting back line to fight off an aggressive and changing tanks which are overweight. Looking through the tank. FUSEN University is able to fight its way. At the end of 2016, I started the competition for the first time in the tournament in the overworker and I actually had a definite Nice Burning pass for the overs and I just wanted to play because I had asked to give the soccer so I wanted to play overwatch and Can get more time. What does this team take in the United States? Describe your young age, he is really very experienced in the rules of competitive overworks. He said how long he is playing and how long he is playing. He is played on different roles required to play in different roles. They used to fly you generously. The real strong WIDOWMAKER, he's there. If they go for a tank acceptance, then I am clear that it can be included in it. She is like a player who is young but her EGO is not so big. Now to answer the question. What do you think is to become America's greatest strength? This tank has become mine for me. Move and space overwatch were highly ranked during the season. Muma is playing a main job himself as the main tank. He himself can go to the room around MAP. Do not depend on the tank. manage to survive. Space is a real big different maker
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