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Thursday, 20 December 2018

President's rule was felt in Jammu and Kashmir

President's rule was felt in Jammu and Kashmir
President's rule was felt in Jammu and Kashmir

After the break-up of the BJP-PDP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir, governor's rule has been imposed. In the last 40 years, the governor has been ruled in the state for the eighth time.

This is the fourth time in the tenure of the present Governor NN Vohra when the governor has been ruled in the state. Former bureaucrat Vohra became the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on June 25, 2008.

On Tuesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party said that it was difficult to remain in the government due to rising fundamentalism and extremism in Jammu and Kashmir. After getting in the coalition for nearly three years in the state with PDP, the support was announced. 

President's rule was felt in Jammu and Kashmir
President's rule was felt in Jammu and Kashmir
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Governor Why rule.?

The presidential rule is imposed in all other states of the country, in case of failure of the formation of the government of political parties or the failure of state governments, the case in Jammu and Kashmir is slightly different. Here the governor is governed, not the President's rule.

Under Article 92 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, governance is enforced for six months in the state, although this can only be done after the approval of the country's President.

Jammu and Kashmir have a special status in the Constitution of India. It is the only state in the country with its own constitution and act.

In other states of the country, the President's rule is imposed under article 356 of the Constitution.

After getting approval from the President in Jammu and Kashmir, Governor's rule is imposed for six months. During this time the assembly is either suspended or dissolved. If the constitutional mechanism is not restored in the state within six months, then the time limit of the Governor's rule is extended again.

For the first time in Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor was appointed in 1977. Then the Congress had withdrawn its support from Sheikh Abdullah-led National Conference.

Special status under section 370

Jammu and Kashmir received special status under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

J & K was not included in India at the time of independence. There were options in front of him to join Pakistan or in Hindustan. The Muslim majority of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan, but the last ruler of the state, Maharaj Hari Singh, was inclined towards India.

They signed the 'Instrument of Execution' document with India and after this, Jammu and Kashmir got special status under article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

After the merger of Jammu and Kashmir in India, instead of the Chief Minister, there was a Sadar-e-Riyasat instead of the Prime Minister and the Governor, and the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made Sheikh Abdullah the Prime Minister. This cycle lasted till 1965.

Then the changes were made in Article 370 and since then it has become the Governor and Chief Minister of the country like other states.

Under Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir has its own flag and symbol.

When can the center interfere.?

Government of India can govern governance only in certain cases in Jammu and Kashmir. Emergency can be imposed in the state only in the case of war and outbreaks. If there is any internal disturbance in the state then the central government can not impose an emergency in Jammu and Kashmir. The central government can interfere in Jammu and Kashmir only in matters of defense, foreign policy, finance and communication.

Last year, after the demise of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, on January 8, 2016, Governor's rule was implemented in Jammu and Kashmir. During this period, PDP and BJP had decided to evade government formation for some time.

  • When was the eight times the governor's rule
  • First time: from 26 March 1977 to 9 July 1977. For 105 days.
  • Second time: from 6 March 1986 to 7 November 1986. For 246 days.
  • Third time: from 19 January 1990 to 9 October 1996. Six years for 264 days.
  • Fourth time: from October 18, 2002 to November 2, 2002. For 15 days.
  • Fifth time: from 11 July 2008 to 5 January 2009. For 178 days.
  • Sixth time: from 9 January 2015 until 1 March 2015. For 51 days.
  • Seventh time: from 8 January 2016 to 4 April 2016 For 87 days.
  • Eighth time: June 19, 2018 until now

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