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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Moon, Venus, Jupiter, United Kingdom

Venus and Jupiter align to create spectacles in the skyIf you were up early this morning you'll are lucky enough to ascertain Jupiter and Venus shining next to a crescent moon.

Moon, Venus, Jupiter, United Kingdom
Moon, Venus, Jupiter, United Kingdom
  • Jupiter and Venus are hundreds of millions of miles apart but they are lined up
  • The phenomenon, known as a conjunction, resulted in two planets being visible in the same section of the sky at around 6am on Thursday morning.
  • Venus appears a lot bright in the sky due to it being the closest to the sun than Jupiter, the solar system's largest planet.
  • Around 14 planetary conjunctions are anticipated to take place this year.
  • Although not rare, there is no doubting the beauty of the conjunction, which could have seen the world as many social media users posted photos of the phenomenon.
Venus and Jupiter align to create spectacles in the sky

Venus and Jupiter align to create spectacles in the sky

It was a beautiful, if chilly, winter's day for most of the UK today, meaning the planets were seen across the country. Thousands of people shared images of Venus and Jupiter on social media, with the names of both of them trending on Twitter and inspiring 70,000 more than them. Alison Stiby Harris, who works in government relations at Save the Children, tweeted: 'Getting up very early has some advantages.

'This morning I stopped on my bike to admire #Jupiter and #Venus - help to put life into perspective when you realize how tiny you are and how long those planets were up there.' The planets Venus and Jupiter are visible because they reach 'conjunction' on January 22, which means they reached a point in their orbit, which means they were both visible from Earth. In days before and after the conjunction, the planets become the fourth and fourth brightest objects in the sun and moon. The clear, cold weather Nasa wrote: 'A conjunction is a celestial event in which two planets or a planet and the moon or a planet and a star appear in the night sky. Conjunctions have no real astronomical value, but they are nice to see. '

Venus looks brighter than Jupiter during conjunction, even though it's too small. 'That is only because Venus is so close to Earth,' Nasa continued. 'Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is actually over 11 times bigger than Venus, but it is dimmer when looking at the sky because of its great distance from our planet.' . If you're lucky and are up during the wee hours, you will be able to see both Venus and Jupiter right now.
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