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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Frozen 2 Disney 2019-Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

Frozen 2 Disney 2019-Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

Frozen 2 Disney 2019-Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

2019 ‧ Drama / Fantasy

Description Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister embark on an adventure away from the Kingdom of Arendelle.Frozen 2 Disney 2019-Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

  • Initial release: 22 November 2019 (USA)
  • Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
  • Language: English
  • Film series: Frozen
  • Screenplay: Jennifer Lee, Allison Schroeder

Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

The first trailer for Disney's Frozen 2 has arrived.

The first trailer for Disney's Frozen 2 has arrived.

The film, which will release in November, is a sequel to 2013's Frozen, which became the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

The original said the story of the sisters Anna and Elsa and was loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen.

Disney is not giving much away about the plot in the trailer, which clocks in at just under two minutes long

What's the dark new tone.?

It's a beautiful autumn in the kingdom of Arendelle, but ominous music signals that are all well well.

Kristen Bell's Anna tries to cross dangerous looking rocks, and her sister Elsa (Idina Menzel) uses her snowy powers.

Later, Elsa and the magical snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) are surrounded by flames. Anna's fiance Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) races through the forest on his reindeer Sven, flanked by other reindeer.

In the final shot, Anna grabs Kristoff's sword and lunges at the audience.

Who is the threatening the kingdom? The trailer does not show us, but the internet is excited anyway

Is climate change causing trouble in Arendelle.?

Is climate change causing trouble in Arendelle.?

The trailer opens with a 40 second sequence of elsa trying to cross a raging sea.

All those wild waves have spawned some an even wilder theory among some Frozen fans that the sequel is really about ... climate change!

Could one of these new characters be Elsa's girlfriend.?

Two new characters were fleetingly revealed in the trailer, prompting a lot of speculation about their identities.

They are a woman with red hair, and a blond figure who emerges, floating from a pile of leaves. One of these characters may be voiced by Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, who has been attached to the film in an unknown role.

Perhaps these new characters could be the villains of the piece, but some fans are hoping otherwise

Jennifer Lee has reportedly been considering giving alsa a woman's love interest.

Elsa's sexuality did not make clear in the first film, but many fans signed a petition calling for her to come out as gay.

Lee has previously said there were "tons of conversations" about whether Elsa would become the first Disney Princesses to have a girlfriend.

So maybe one of these characters could be our heroine.?

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Frozen 2 Disney 2019-Frozen 2 Disney Trailer

What's the significance of the floating diamonds.?

Strange floating diamonds were seen outside the castle, as Anna watches, in a short section of the trailer, prompting speculation.

Sharp-eyed fans have also noticed that the newly-released poster for the film features connecting diamonds which all contain different patterns.
Can we assume the diamonds are playing a big part in the movie? It definitely looks that way.

Why Anna and Elsa have changed their looks.?

Actually, this one is probably easy to guess Dolls based on the Frozen sisters have been flying off the shelves since the original film's release.

Anna and Elsa both sported new outfits in the previous Frozen short animations released after the original film, Frozen Fever and Olaf's Frozen Adventure, and Merchandise featured new outfits.

With that in mind, maybe it's no surprise that Elsa is sporting a new icy blue ensemble and Anna has ditched her trademark braids for a new half-up, half-down hairdo.

We will have to wait until the film is released in November.

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