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Monday, 25 March 2019

Greece National Day 2019, Google Doodle Celebrating Today, When is Greek Independence Day?

Greece National Day 2019, Google Doodle Celebrating Today, When is Greek Independence Day?

When is Greek Independence Day?

This holiday is Greece's National Day 2019 and is always Celebrated on 25 March.

Greece's Independence Day is actually a holiday that has blended over time with an older festival - the Feast of the Annunciation

History of Greek Independence Day

In 1821, the Greeks rose up against the Ottoman Empire which had occupied Greece for almost 400 years, leading to the war of independence.

Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the Greek flag at the monastery of Agia Lavras, inciting the Peloponnese to rise against the oppressors.

While the exact date probably may not have been 25 March, it is acknowledged to have occurred in late March and it was gradually associated with the religious feast of the Annunciation.

On this day in the Orthodox calendar, the archangel Gabriel appeared to the maiden Mary and informed her that she was pregnant with the divine child.

How is Greek Independence Day Celebrated?

To mark Greek Independence Day, towns and villages throughout Greece hold flag parades, where school children march dressed in traditional Greek costume and carry Greek flags.

A military parade takes place in Athens which is attended by the president of Greece and other officials. Crowds gather along the route and show their patriotism by waving flags.

A traditional dish popular on Independence Day is 'bakaliaros' which is salted cod, fried in a beer batter, served with 'skordalia', a garlic aioli usually made with potato and olive oil.

In addition to Greece and Cyprus, Greek Independence Day is also celebrated by many Greeks overseas, and large parades are becoming more common in United States cities where Greeks have made their homes, including Boston and New York City.

Each year, the U.S. President marks the occasion with a proclamation reminding citizens of the contributions of Greece to democracy, and of the ongoing contributions of expatriate Greeks in their new communities throughout the world.

Google Doodle Celebrating Today--Greece National Day 2019,Gif

Google Doodle Celebrating Today--Greece National Day 2019

Today’s Doodle celebrates Greece National Day, the annual commemoration of Greece’s 1821 declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Parades in the capital city of Athens feature the Greek Presidential Guard, or Evzones, an elite soldier corps whose handmade ceremonial uniforms take months to make. The 400 pleats on the Foustanella kilts signify Greece's 400 years under Ottoman control. After festivities come to an end, family and friends come together to feast on traditional delicacies like roast lamb, stuffed grape leaves, and baklava.

As revelers march through Athens' cobbled streets, Greeks all over the world will mark the occasion in their own communities. The unmistakable flag, with sky blue and white stripes, waves above many Greek landmarks and homes everywhere—including today’s Doodle!

Happy National Day, Greece!
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