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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Mudik 2019, Google Doodle Celebrating Today

Jakarta - Homecomers named Broto Winarno admitted that the flow of homecoming this year was very smooth. He traveled for 10.5 hours from Tangerang to Ngawi, East Java.

Mudik 2019, Google Doodle Celebrating Today
Broto traveled back and forth on Saturday (1/6). He said the mudik duration this year was the fastest record.

"At around 7:00 a.m., we departed via the Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road further into the city with smooth conditions," Winarko said in writing to the editor on Monday (1/6/2019).

According to Broto, traffic began to falter a little at the Jorr and Bekasi toll road meetings. However, it immediately decomposes in the presence of contraflow in Km 34 to 53.

"After a little delay at the end of the contract, immediately we can immediately step on the gas at the one way that was announced, starting from Km 70 to Km 262," he said.

However, said Broto, one way was apparently extended to the Kalikangkung Toll Gate, Semarang. So, the implementation of one way is around 400 km.

"But it turned out that the one way brothers really felt endless, it was extended to the Kalikangkung gate which was near Semarang. Gile, so it was one way until the 400 km was approximate," he said.

After that, he entered the Semarang Toll Road which also implemented a contraflow system. Broto confessed then stepped on the gas to Ngawi until he arrived at his hometown at 17.30 WIB.

"After that, it slowed down on Semarang toll road, fortunately, there was a contraflow, and after the contraflow, we got gas again until Ngawi. As a result, this is the fastest pulka (back home) where sahur is in Tangerang and when it's open in the village at Ngawi around 17.30 WIB, "he concluded.

Google Doodle Celebrating Today, Mudik 2019


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