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What holiday is today?

holidays, holiday, observance, observation, observance, holiday, day, off, free, work, 2019, 2020, United States, United States of America

holidays, holiday, observance, observation, observance, holiday, day, off, free,
work, 2019, 2025, United States, United States of America

Holidays and Observations in the United States in 2019TO2025

Holidays and Observations in the United States in 2019TO2025

  • Date Name Type Details

  • 1 Jan Tuesday New Year's Day Federal Holiday  
  • 6 Jan Sunday Epiphany Christian  
  • 7 Jan Monday Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox  
  • 13 Jan Sunday Stephen Foster Memorial Day Observance  
  • 14 Jan Monday Orthodox New Year Orthodox  
  • 18 Jan Friday Lee-Jackson Day State holiday Virginia
  • 19 Jan Saturday Robert E. Lee's Birthday State holiday Florida
  • 19 Jan Saturday Confederate Heroes' Day State holiday Texas
  • 21 Jan Monday Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat Jewish holiday  
  • 21 Jan Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day Federal Holiday  
  • 21 Jan Monday Robert E. Lee's Birthday State holiday Alabama, Mississippi
  • 21 Jan Monday Idaho Human Rights Day State holiday Idaho
  • 21 Jan Monday Civil Rights Day State holiday Arizona, New Hampshire
  • 29 Jan Tuesday Kansas Day Observance  
  • 1 Feb Friday National Freedom Day Observance  
  • 1 Feb Friday National Wear Red Day Observance  
  • 2 Feb Saturday Groundhog Day Observance  
  • 3 Feb Sunday Super Bowl Sporting event  
  • 4 Feb Monday Rosa Parks Day Local observance California, Missouri
  • 5 Feb Tuesday Chinese New Year Observance  
  • 12 Feb Tuesday Lincoln's Birthday State holiday CT, IL, MO, NY
  • 12 Feb Tuesday Lincoln's Birthday Local observance Florida
  • 14 Feb Thursday Valentine's Day Observance  
  • 14 Feb Thursday Statehood Day Local observance Arizona
  • 15 Feb Friday Susan B. Anthony's Birthday Local observance CA, FL, NY, WI
  • 16 Feb Saturday Elizabeth Peratrovich Day Local observance Alaska
  • 18 Feb Monday Presidents' Day Federal Holiday All except DE, GA, IA, IN, KS, KY, LA, NC, NM, RI, WI
  • 18 Feb Monday Daisy Gatson Bates Day State holiday Arkansas
  • 28 Feb Thursday Linus Pauling Day Local observance Oregon
  • 1 Mar Friday St. David's Day Observance, Christian  
  • 1 Mar Friday Read Across America Day Observance  
  • 1 Mar Friday Employee Appreciation Day Observance  
  • 2 Mar Saturday Texas Independence Day State holiday Texas
  • 4 Mar Monday Maha Shivaratri Hindu Holiday  
  • 4 Mar Monday Casimir Pulaski Day Local observance Illinois*
  • 5 Mar Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras State holiday Alabama**, Louisiana
  • 5 Mar Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras Observance, Christian  
  • 5 Mar Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras State holiday Florida*
  • 5 Mar Tuesday Town Meeting Day State holiday Vermont
  • 6 Mar Wednesday Ash Wednesday Christian  
  • 10 Mar Sunday Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time  
  • 17 Mar Sunday St. Patrick's Day Observance, Christian  
  • 17 Mar Sunday Evacuation Day State holiday Massachusetts**
  • 18 Mar Monday Evacuation Day observed State holiday Massachusetts**
  • 20 Mar Wednesday March Equinox Season  
  • 21 Mar Thursday Holi Hindu Holiday  
  • 21 Mar Thursday Purim Jewish holiday  
  • 25 Mar Monday Maryland Day Local observance Maryland
  • 25 Mar Monday Seward's Day State holiday Alaska
  • 26 Mar Tuesday Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day State holiday Hawaii
  • 29 Mar Friday National Vietnam War Veterans Day Observance  
  • 31 Mar Sunday César Chávez Day State holiday AZ**, CA**, CO***, MI**, NM**, NV**, TX***, UT**, WA**
  • 1 Apr Monday César Chávez Day observed State holiday California**
  • 2 Apr Tuesday Pascua Florida Day Local observance Florida
  • 3 Apr Wednesday Isra and Mi'raj Muslim  
  • 6 Apr Saturday National Tartan Day Observance  
  • 9 Apr Tuesday National Library Workers' Day Observance  
  • 13 Apr Saturday Thomas Jefferson's Birthday Observance  
  • 14 Apr Sunday Palm Sunday Christian  
  • 15 Apr Monday Tax Day Observance  
  • 15 Apr Monday Father Damien Day Local observance Hawaii
  • 15 Apr Monday Patriot's Day State holiday Maine, Massachusetts
  • 15 Apr Monday Boston Marathon Sporting event  
  • 16 Apr Tuesday Emancipation Day State holiday District of Columbia
  • 18 Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday Christian  
  • 19 Apr Friday Good Friday State holiday CT, DE, HI, IN, KY, LA, NC, ND, NJ, TN, TX***
  • 20 Apr Saturday Holy Saturday Christian  
  • 20 Apr Saturday Passover (first day) Jewish holiday  
  • 21 Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian  
  • 21 Apr Sunday San Jacinto Day State holiday Texas
  • 22 Apr Monday Easter Monday Observance, Christian  
  • 22 Apr Monday Oklahoma Day Local observance Oklahoma
  • 22 Apr Monday Confederate Memorial Day State holiday Alabama
  • 22 Apr Monday State Holiday State holiday Georgia
  • 24 Apr Wednesday Administrative Professionals Day Observance  
  • 25 Apr Thursday Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Observance  
  • 26 Apr Friday Orthodox Good Friday Orthodox  
  • 26 Apr Friday Arbor Day State holiday Nebraska
  • 26 Apr Friday Confederate Heroes' Day Local observance Florida
  • 27 Apr Saturday Last Day of Passover Jewish holiday  
  • 27 Apr Saturday Orthodox Holy Saturday Orthodox  
  • 28 Apr Sunday Orthodox Easter Orthodox  
  • 29 Apr Monday Orthodox Easter Monday Orthodox  
  • 29 Apr Monday Confederate Memorial Day State holiday Mississippi
  • 1 May Wednesday Yom HaShoah Jewish commemoration  
  • 1 May Wednesday Law Day Observance  
  • 1 May Wednesday Loyalty Day Observance  
  • 1 May Wednesday Lei Day Local observance Hawaii
  • 2 May Thursday National Day of Prayer Observance  
  • 3 May Friday Kentucky Oaks Sporting event  
  • 4 May Saturday Kent State Shootings Remembrance Local observance Ohio
  • 4 May Saturday Kentucky Derby Sporting event  
  • 4 May Saturday Rhode Island Independence Day Local observance Rhode Island
  • 4 May Saturday National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day Observance  
  • 5 May Sunday Cinco de Mayo Observance  
  • 6 May Monday Ramadan Starts Muslim  
  • 6 May Monday National Nurses Day Observance  
  • 8 May Wednesday Truman Day State holiday Missouri
  • 9 May Thursday Yom Ha'atzmaut Jewish holiday  
  • 10 May Friday Confederate Memorial Day State holiday South Carolina
  • 10 May Friday Confederate Memorial Day Local observance North Carolina
  • 10 May Friday Military Spouse Appreciation Day Observance  
  • 12 May Sunday Mother's Day Observance  
  • 15 May Wednesday Peace Officers Memorial Day Observance  
  • 17 May Friday National Defense Transportation Day Observance  
  • 18 May Saturday Armed Forces Day Observance  
  • 18 May Saturday Preakness Stakes Sporting event  
  • 22 May Wednesday Emergency Medical Services for Children Day Observance  
  • 22 May Wednesday National Maritime Day Observance  
  • 22 May Wednesday Harvey Milk Day Local observance California
  • 23 May Thursday Lag BaOmer Jewish holiday  
  • 25 May Saturday National Missing Children's Day Observance  
  • 27 May Monday Memorial Day Federal Holiday  
  • 27 May Monday Jefferson Davis' Birthday Local observance Mississippi
  • 30 May Thursday Ascension Day Christian  
  • 1 Jun Saturday Lailat al-Qadr Muslim  
  • 1 Jun Saturday Statehood Day Local observance Kentucky, Tennessee
  • 3 Jun Monday Jefferson Davis' Birthday Local observance Florida
  • 3 Jun Monday Jefferson Davis' Birthday State holiday Alabama
  • 4 Jun Tuesday Eid al-Fitr Muslim  
  • 6 Jun Thursday D-Day Observance  
  • 8 Jun Saturday Belmont Stakes Sporting event  
  • 9 Jun Sunday Pentecost Christian  
  • 9 Jun Sunday Shavuot Jewish holiday  
  • 10 Jun Monday Whit Monday Christian  
  • 11 Jun Tuesday Kamehameha Day State holiday Hawaii
  • 14 Jun Friday Army Birthday Observance  
  • 14 Jun Friday Flag Day Observance  
  • 16 Jun Sunday Trinity Sunday Christian  
  • 16 Jun Sunday Father's Day Observance  
  • 16 Jun Sunday Bunker Hill Day Local observance Massachusetts
  • 19 Jun Wednesday Juneteenth Local observance All except HI, MD, MT, ND, NH, SD, TX, UT
  • 19 Jun Wednesday Emancipation Day State holiday Texas
  • 20 Jun Thursday West Virginia Day State holiday West Virginia
  • 20 Jun Thursday American Eagle Day Observance  
  • 21 Jun Friday June Solstice Season  
  • 23 Jun Sunday Corpus Christi Christian  
  • 4 Jul Thursday Independence Day Federal Holiday  
  • 14 Jul Sunday Bastille Day Observance  
  • 24 Jul Wednesday Pioneer Day State holiday Utah
  • 27 Jul Saturday National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day Observance  
  • 28 Jul Sunday Parents' Day Observance  
  • 1 Aug Thursday Colorado Day Local observance Colorado
  • 4 Aug Sunday Coast Guard Birthday Observance  
  • 7 Aug Wednesday Purple Heart Day Observance  
  • 11 Aug Sunday Tisha B'Av Jewish holiday  
  • 11 Aug Sunday Eid al-Adha Muslim  
  • 12 Aug Monday Victory Day State holiday Rhode Island
  • 14 Aug Wednesday Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holiday  
  • 15 Aug Thursday Assumption of Mary Christian  
  • 16 Aug Friday Hawaii Statehood Day State holiday Hawaii
  • 16 Aug Friday Bennington Battle Day State holiday Vermont
  • 19 Aug Monday National Aviation Day Observance  
  • 21 Aug Wednesday Senior Citizens Day Observance  
  • 23 Aug Friday Janmashtami Hindu Holiday  
  • 26 Aug Monday Women's Equality Day Observance  
  • 27 Aug Tuesday Lyndon Baines Johnson Day State holiday Texas
  • 31 Aug Saturday Muharram Muslim  
  • 2 Sep Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday  
  • 2 Sep Monday Labor Day Federal Holiday  
  • 7 Sep Saturday Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day Observance  
  • 8 Sep Sunday National Grandparents Day Observance  
  • 9 Sep Monday California Admission Day Local observance California
  • 11 Sep Wednesday Patriot Day Observance  
  • 17 Sep Tuesday Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Observance  
  • 18 Sep Wednesday Air Force Birthday Observance  
  • 20 Sep Friday National POW/MIA Recognition Day Observance  
  • 21 Sep Saturday National CleanUp Day Observance  
  • 22 Sep Sunday Emancipation Day Local observance Ohio
  • 23 Sep Monday September Equinox Season  
  • 27 Sep Friday Native American Day Local observance California
  • 29 Sep Sunday Navratri Hindu Holiday  
  • 29 Sep Sunday Gold Star Mother's Day Observance  
  • 30 Sep Monday Rosh Hashana State holiday Texas***
  • 30 Sep Monday Rosh Hashana Jewish holiday  
  • 4 Oct Friday Feast of St Francis of Assisi Christian  
  • 7 Oct Monday Dussehra Hindu Holiday  
  • 7 Oct Monday Child Health Day Observance  
  • 9 Oct Wednesday Leif Erikson Day Observance  
  • 9 Oct Wednesday Yom Kippur State holiday Texas***
  • 9 Oct Wednesday Yom Kippur Jewish holiday  
  • 13 Oct Sunday Navy Birthday Observance  
  • 13 Oct Sunday Chicago Marathon Sporting event  
  • 14 Oct Monday First Day of Sukkot Jewish holiday  
  • 14 Oct Monday Columbus Day Federal Holiday All except AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, HI, MI, MN, ND, NM, NV, OR, SD, TX, VT, WA, WY
  • 14 Oct Monday Columbus Day Local observance Florida
  • 14 Oct Monday Native Americans' Day Local observance South Dakota
  • 14 Oct Monday Indigenous People's Day Local observance AK, CA**, MN**, NM, VT, WA**
  • 15 Oct Tuesday White Cane Safety Day Observance  
  • 16 Oct Wednesday Boss's Day Observance  
  • 18 Oct Friday Alaska Day State holiday Alaska
  • 19 Oct Saturday Sweetest Day Observance 13 states
  • 20 Oct Sunday Last Day of Sukkot Jewish holiday  
  • 21 Oct Monday Shmini Atzeret Jewish holiday  
  • 22 Oct Tuesday Simchat Torah Jewish holiday  
  • 25 Oct Friday Nevada Day State holiday Nevada
  • 27 Oct Sunday Diwali/Deepavali Observance, Hinduism  
  • 31 Oct Thursday Halloween Observance  
  • 1 Nov Friday All Saints' Day Christian  
  • 2 Nov Saturday All Souls' Day Christian  
  • 3 Nov Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time  
  • 3 Nov Sunday New York City Marathon Sporting event  
  • 9 Nov Saturday The Prophet's Birthday Muslim  
  • 10 Nov Sunday Marine Corps Birthday Observance  
  • 11 Nov Monday Veterans Day Federal Holiday  
  • 28 Nov Thursday Thanksgiving Day Federal Holiday  
  • 29 Nov Friday State Holiday State holiday Georgia
  • 29 Nov Friday Presidents' Day State holiday New Mexico
  • 29 Nov Friday Lincoln's Birthday/Lincoln's Day State holiday Indiana
  • 29 Nov Friday Day After Thanksgiving State holiday 20 states
  • 29 Nov Friday Family Day State holiday Nevada
  • 29 Nov Friday Acadian Day State holiday Louisiana
  • 29 Nov Friday Black Friday Observance  
  • 29 Nov Friday American Indian Heritage Day State holiday Maryland
  • 1 Dec Sunday First Sunday of Advent Christian  
  • 1 Dec Sunday Rosa Parks Day Local observance Ohio, Oregon
  • 2 Dec Monday Cyber Monday Observance  
  • 6 Dec Friday St Nicholas Day Observance  
  • 7 Dec Saturday Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Observance  
  • 8 Dec Sunday Feast of the Immaculate Conception Christian  
  • 12 Dec Thursday Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Christian  
  • 13 Dec Friday National Guard Birthday Observance  
  • 15 Dec Sunday Bill of Rights Day Observance  
  • 17 Dec Tuesday Pan American Aviation Day Observance  
  • 17 Dec Tuesday Wright Brothers Day Observance  
  • 21 Dec Saturday December Solstice Season  
  • 23 Dec Monday Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day) Jewish holiday  
  • 24 Dec Tuesday Christmas Eve State holiday KS**, KY, MI, NC, ND, OK, SC, TX, VA**, WI
  • 24 Dec Tuesday Christmas Eve Observance, Christian  
  • 24 Dec Tuesday Washington's Birthday State holiday Georgia, Indiana
  • 25 Dec Wednesday Christmas Day Federal Holiday  
  • 26 Dec Thursday Kwanzaa (first day) Observance  
  • 26 Dec Thursday Day After Christmas Day State holiday KS, NC, SC, TX
  • 30 Dec Monday Last Day of Chanukah Jewish holiday  
  • 31 Dec Tuesday New Year's Eve State holiday LA, MI, WI
  • 31 Dec Tuesday New Year's Eve Observance  

* Observed only in some communities of this state. *

** Observed only in part of this state.**

*** Optional holiday in this state.**

Hover your mouse over the region or click on the holiday for details. What holiday is today?

There are ten annual U.S. federal holidays on the calendar designated by the United States Congress1 Unlike many other countries, there are no ‘national holidays’ in the United States because Congress only has the constitutional authority to create holidays for federal institutions. Most federal holidays are also observed as state holidays.

What is More holiday United States America



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Life Story: Blogging Tip's, Latest, Trailer, Movies, Review, Breaking: What holiday is today?
What holiday is today?
holidays, holiday, observance, observation, observance, holiday, day, off, free, work, 2019, 2020, United States, United States of America
Life Story: Blogging Tip's, Latest, Trailer, Movies, Review, Breaking
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