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Friday, 5 July 2019

Hack Text Messages-WhatsApp Users Get Fake Messages


After a spate of rumours and incidents of misinformation on WhatsApp fueling mob fury resulting in the death of over two dozen people, WhatsApp has initiated an awareness campaign. The chat app, which is owned by Facebook, has shared with its users 10 tips to deal with fake news and misinformation. In other words, WhatsApp is saying that when Indians use the app to talk to their friends and family members, they should keep in mind the following 10 points.

1- Understand when a message is forwarded: 

Fake information often spreads through forwarded messages so WhatsApp is asking its users to be careful of messages that are forwarded. The problem, however, with this point is that for now people have no way to find out if the message they just got from their aunt is a forwarded message or the one was composed personally. In its advertisements on July 10, WhatsApp says that it offers a new feature in the chat app that lets people know when a message is a forwarded message and when it is not. But WhatsApp is only partially right. The feature is in the works but it has not yet been made available to all WhatsApp users.

2- Check information that is unbelievable: 

The idea here is that users should not take anything at the face value. This means if you get a WhatsApp message saying that an orange tree in Himachal Pradesh is producing mangoes, you should recheck that before you believe it.

3. Question information that is upsetting: 

It's a variation on the earlier point. The idea is that if there is a message that evokes anger in you, before you act you should first confirm whether it is accurate or not.

4. Look out for different messages: 

WhatsApp says that messages that are created to make viral, and the ones that often contain false information, are structured in a way that makes them more appealing to users. For example, they may have a lot of smileys. Or may be a photo or two. WhatsApp is saying that you should be careful with these messages.

5. Check photos carefully: 

Often photos that have been modified or "photoshopped" are shared on WhatsApp. The chat app is asking people to be careful of such photos.

6. Check links carefully: 

And what is true for the photos is true for the links too. The links too are often modified to give the impression that they come from a well-known and respectable website. But that is not the case.

7. Use other sources: 

This is a classic step to counter misinformation. WhatsApp is saying that users should not get all the information from the chat app. They should also read newspapers, or watch news on TV, or confirm something that they heard on WhatsApp locally.

8. Think before you share: 

The idea here is simple. Don't forward a message or share some information if you are not very sure of its authenticity.

9. Eliminate nonsense: 

This is a variation on the earlier point. What the chat app is saying here is that if you find people or a number sharing fake information, you should block them.

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10. Be vary of viral messages: 

It seems obvious but WhatsApp wants to emphasise that misinformation, because it appeals to biases and people's vulnerable side, often goes viral. But people should see through it and should be especially careful of messages that are going viral.


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