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Monday, 29 July 2019

LXRmarketplace: Number 1 On SEO Tools WebSite Ranking, lxrmarketplace

LXRmarketplace: Number 1 On SEO Tools WebSite Ranking, lxrmarketplace, In the digital age, the business of all sizes and scales are the focus of their potential consumers. Enterprises have been employing tools such as paid online search, SEO optimization, SMO strategies, and social media engagement techniques, to connect, influence and persuade existing and potential customers.

LXRmarketplace Number 1 On SEO Tools WebSite Ranking, lxrmarketplace

In the rush to top Google search rankings and attract traffic to their business, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have faced Three years ago, 60 percent of SMEs were not investing in any form of SEO activities in the online business for their business and 22 percent were also aware of what SEO was at the time.

However, as the current scenario rapidly evolves with Google releasing its "Hummingbird" search algorithm, digital marketers are promoting the importance of SEO strategies to big corporations and SMEs alike. A company that is taking on the opportunity to capitalize on the unfulfilled SME segment is NetElixir, through its LXRmarketplace
LXRmarketplace, a venture by NetElixir - a search engine marketing specialist, has ranked number one among SEO software and tools vendors for December 2013. The comparative rankings done by topseos - an independent online firm that provides internet marketing services and products to suppliers of analyses and evaluations - compare ten online SEO vendors to arrive at this list.
LXRmarketplace scored an impressive 100 percent ranking across categories of accuracy, efficiency, interface design, software features and customer support in this rankings list.



Apart from its over ten thousand clients and in excess of USD $ 10 million dollars in revenue, LXRmarketplace boasts of its appeal to a unique market segment. The service was launched in 2011 by NetElixir, starting with a range of free applications using the online application of the democratizing the online retail market. The specific focus of LXR Marketplace has always been able to provide small and medium retail business' a clearer understanding of their SEO needs and strategies.

Due to the extreme popularity of its free offerings, the company was able to access over 25,000 small and medium business enterprises, and it's first paid SEO and SEM tools launched in October 2013. SEM consultancy services along with LXRmarketplace and medium business' with limited budgets access to SEO and SEM tools in modular application forms, such as Magento Dashboards, DailySEO ranking, Competitor Webpage monitoring, etc.

  • NetElixir as the parent company has worked with major online clients such as Lenovo, ToysRUs and Reed & Barton, in the field of search marketing solutions.

"One of the quick things we were looking for was our program. Lenovo said, "Seven Popen, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Lenovo on Interactive Marketing Executive," said Sean Popen, said, "So much early on we worked with NetLuxin to set the baseline of what the efficiencies were and then over the next several years. . "And that's really what we've seen over the last two and a half years have we hit all those different results and that is what really has been our paid search program in growth today."
NetElixir has broadened its market reach to include small and medium business clients as well as the differentiation of its search marketing solutions so they are more scalable and modular in application design. Moreover, as the only type of SMB Oriented search-marketing agency of its kind, it is the first-mover advantage in the success of LXRmarketplace.

However, as the company starts its online payment for SMEs, the delicate balancing acts between cost investment and SME operations, priorities, SME segment isolated to NetElixir's plan in all the difference. And competitors like Hubshout and SyCara are also bound to diversify their offerings in this market and NetElixir will have to populate the LXRmarketplace with its current basic application to be placed at the top
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