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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Tanabata 2019

On the seventh day of the seventh month, two mythical lovers—represented by the stars Altair and Vega—find a way to come together once a year, against all odds. Today’s Doodle celebrates Tanabata, also known in Japan as the “Star Festival.”

Tanabata 2019

Inspired by the Chinese Qixi Festival, Tanabata became popular in Japan during the Heian Period (794–1185). The story of Hikoboshi, a humble cowherd who falls in love with Orihime, the daughter of the Sky King, has captured the imagination of lovers for centuries. Their separation by a mighty river, represented by the Milky Way, and eventual reunion is a timeless tale.

Writing their wishes on colorful strips of paper known as tanzaku, Tanabata celebrants hang them on bamboo poles or trees and pray that their dreams will come true. The wishes are set afloat the following day, drifting on rivers toward the sea.

The city of Sendai, located in Miyagi Prefecture, has become famous for its extravagant Tanabata celebrations, which are held in August and attract thousands of visitors every year. Tokyo’s Asagaya neighborhood also marks Tanabata in a big way, displaying huge papier-mache anime and cartoon characters. In Osaka, the Okawa River is transformed into a virtual Milky Way, filled with thousands of beautiful floating lights.
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